Computer Hardware Similar to Human Brain:

Classic computers use binary values ​​(0/1) to work. On the contrary, our brain cells can use many more values ​​for operation, which makes us more energy efficient than computers. This is why scientists are interested in this amazing and complicated

When Comes to Heart, Men are Better Off than Women:

As per a new research, women undergoes with lesser number of clinical tests due to heart attack, which implies, women get the shorter end of the stick. Heart attack is more common in men than women. Our population is reducing because of rising cases


Basics of Information and Technology (IT) Skills to Level Up Your Professional Game:

As per the researchers, unemployment and low wages remain persistent social challenges in the face of increasing automation, particularly for traditionally disadvantaged groups in the labor market such as women, minorities and the elderly. In the cas

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A Digital Interventional To Make You Less Emotionally Vulnerable:

Personality traits such as meticulousness or ability to socialize, think and decide are patterns of experience and behavior that can change over the course of our lives. Individual change often occurs slowly as people gradually adapt to the demands o

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Women are the Next Leaders in Healthcare Sector:

During the session of Recognizing and Supporting Women in IT for Health in the Middle East, a  group of experts discussed the need for more international communities and networks as well as educational and support tools  in order to empower women. Ex

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When to Offer Paid and Free Apps to Ensure High Profitability:

Are you really ready for paid mobile apps? Unlike many other product markets where free products are primarily an app support role, the mobile app industry, free apps are far more common than paid apps. They have a trend in the direction of the free

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Which Virus Will Bring The Next Pandemic?

A human disease can be triggered by the  virus that is present in the outer environment. As study revealed, most of the virus responsible for human disease comes from animals and these viruses can affect an individual severely. Researchers have title

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Producing Rechargeable Electrodes Using Cement:

Human’s energy consumption is on the rise, and thus, we need to find a never ending source of energy. What we can do is we can make giant battery storage devices which will eventually increase the production that can be used to run different machiner

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