Nature Teaching Scientists to Capture the Light More Efficiently

Researchers have potentially created and generated a new system which has the ability to capture the light energy like never before and the inspiration comes from nature itself. The research was carried out in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Causing Mechanism Identified

Many people in this world are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which can cause severe abdominal pain and makes them feel uncomfortable all the time. It can create problems in their working life and it may also cause a lot of problem in t


Allergen Specific Treatment (AIT): A Breakthrough in Treating Cat Allergy

Scientists see potential in high doses of a very specific adjuvant molecule named as CPG oligonucleotide, which is able to successfully inflect the immune system’s allergic response to the cat major allergen Fel d 1. Many researchers are now working

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AI Being Exploited by Humans

These days artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining a lot of popularity and most of the businesses are working on the model of AI. It is a technology which can solve your problem with just a click. Artificial intelligence is highly advance and it can

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Communication Skills of Quantum Dots:

One group has theoretically solved how the communication between two quantum dots can be influenced by light. The team shows ways to control the transfer of information or energy from one quantum dot to another. To do this, the researchers calculated

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Brain Component that Process Spellings and Reads:

It has only been a couple of thousand years that humans began to develop reading and writing skills. . Our reading skills set us apart from other animal species but for our brains need more time to develop new areas specifically for this subject read

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Art of Classifying Information in Mice:

Categorization is the brain's tool to organize almost everything that we encounter in our daily life. Grouping information into categories simplifies the complexities and helps us react quickly and effectively to new experiences.Sandra Reinert and Pi

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Architectural Change of Nanoparticles from High-Dimensional to Lower-Dimensional Chain Structures:

Nanomaterials must have consistent and predictable shapes and surfaces as well as scalable production techniques to provide reliable mechanical and electrical properties. Engineers solve this problem by evaporating metals in a magnetic field to direc

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