Latest Development in Quantum Computing Opens New Door to Computing Technology

We live in a postmodernist society, so the technological era keeps growing at a very rapid rate. Every day a new technology keeps on coming, and scientists always tend to discover new things every day beneficial for mankind. A modern problem needs a

Is Evergrande on the Brink Of Collapse?

According to some people, few Chinese banks that are not allowing credit to the China evergrande group are bringing concerns about the developer's financial health. Three banks which are having approximately USD 7.1 billion of credit exposure to ever


Higher Vivid Visualization and Decision Making Capability are Interlinked

Brain is considered to be one of the most complex and sophisticated structure in our body. Any kind of malfunctioning in the brain can make people suffer a lot. There are billions of neurons in the brain connected to each other and these neuron conne

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Heat Could Soon be Turn On or Off Accordingly

A new electronic attribute at the periphery between quantum and thermal science has been discovered by scientists in a specially developed metal alloy of bismuth and antimony which could prove to be a promising material for future devices that could

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Regeneration of Limbs and Other Body Parts is Just One Scar Away

The scientists have fascinated since millennium regarding the secret of “why salamanders can regenerate a lost limb, but adult mammals cannot”. Now a group of scientists has taken an innovative step to solve this mystery by figuring out the differenc

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Preview the Data Stored in DNA Rather than Entirely Opening it

The researchers of the North Carolina State University have turned a long-standing DNA data storage challenge into a tool to use it to offer the previews of stored data files, for instance, the thumbnails of image files, that have the capacity to ret

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Black Universities Awarded with Scholarships by Apple

Apple in an announcement has said that it will grant USD 5 million to four historically black universities in an effort to expand their engineering programs responsible for designing electronic chips that fuels electronic devices. The use of electron

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Bile Acid Conversion is Good or Bad, Puzzles Scientists

A human body carries along with it trillions of microbes wherever it goes. Apart from just hitching to its host, many of these microbes perform essential chemical reactions which regulates many things in our body such as from digestion to our immune

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