New Efficient Infrared Imager Could Help Us See Through Fog and Smog

Engineers have successfully developed an infrared imager with the help of which we can see through different types of mediums. Lots of engineers were working on this so as to provide the best service which would solve our problems, and the best part

Hydrogenases Pave a Way to Produce Hydrogen More Efficiently

For the first time in history, it has been analyzed by researchers that there is a way through which we could be able to produce hydrogen, and the compound is totally inspired by nature, and now it is totally described in detail. These findings come


Human Body Could Charge Wearable Electronic Gadgets in Future

Technology is rapidly growing, and there are always new possibilities for technology. Every day people are creating something new so that it would reduce the difficulties and problems present in our daily life. The manufacturing and production of wea

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A New Study Could Help Migraine Patients

There are many individuals who are suffering the brain complications such as migraine, and the problem is increasing very rapidly, and so the health index of many regions is becoming low. According to new research, individuals who suffer from migrain

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Scientists Found Out Ways to Increase Flexoelectricity in Elastomers

What do the following things have in common: an implanted medical device with its own power supply, a squishy ​​human-like robot and how do we hear sound of different things? The answer to why these two dissimilar technology and biological phenomena

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Proper Circadian clock and Good Quality Diet Important to Maintain Healthy Fat

Scientists at University of Texas carried out a study that suggests that changing the eating habits or altering the circadian clock could severely affect the heathy fat tissues throughout the lifespan of a person. The eating habits of lot of individu

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New Study about Androgens Can Help Scientists to Find a Better Cure for Prostate Cancer

Researchers at the UVA Cancer Center in a new study have found out how hormones known as androgens work in our cells. This groundbreaking discovery could pave the way in the development better treatments for breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. The

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Ancient Wooden Structure Found was Used for Supernatural Rituals

The Noceto Vasca Votiva is a unique wooden structure that was excavated in 2005 on a small hill in northern Italy. It is constructed mainly of oak wood and its size is slightly larger than a backyard swimming pool. Till date it’s still a mystery what

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