Lotte to Devote in Indonesia’s Largest Petrochemical Plant

Petrochemical is very important part of the chemical industry and is playing a vital role in improving the economy and society. Today, petrochemical are used in our daily life product such as medicine, furniture, electronic, cosmetic and other. They

Hitachi’s Predictive Maintenance Service to Consolidate AI Technology in Petrochemical Plant

Petrochemical are important part of the chemical industry as there is rising demand for synthetic material worldwide and is also important part of society and economy. They are usually derived from petroleum and other natural gases. They are playing


Fetch to Transform the Transaction Method With Their New Smart Ledger

Today, the term autonomous is being frequently used in Tech world due to the technological advancement and development in machine learnings and artificial intelligence. These days there many autonomous things around like drones, cars, robots etc. whi

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Microsoft’s New Platform Will Aggrandize the Autonomous Things

Autonomous things or AuT is a new technological development which will help the computers to interact with their external environment without any human association so that they can communicate and move freely with other objects.  There are many new t

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GPCA Supply Chain Conference stimulate the Chemical industry to adopt Supply Chain 4.0

Technological advancement and development is changing the scenario of the chemical industry worldwide. They are changing the whole concept of the industry from sales to marketing to supply & operations. With the help of digitization, today these comp

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Linde’s New Digitalization Hub Fabricating New Innovation for Chemical Industry

Industries today are trying to create new platforms so that they can provide their customer with best services which will help them to get loyal customers who will act as campaigners for their products. For this, many chemical industries have started

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