Belgian racing pigeon flies past record in auction

Nikolas Gyselbrecht, founder of pipa, a Belgian auction house for racing pigeons, shows a two year old female pigeon named New kim, that will set a new world record price when an auction ends on Sunday November 15, 2020. In an auction on November 12

Annual Revenue of Rs 7000 Cr generated by 19 Auctioned Blocks: Commercial Coal Mining

It is a fierce competition that is witnessed by the auction of coal mines for commercial mining and the 19 blocks that went under the hammer can generate total revenue of around Rs 7000 per annum and create a lot of employment estimated around 69000


How Organizations Need To Manage Supply Chain Risk

In today’s era of evolving supply chains, economy rotation is very much in demand so as to maintain a high grade of manpower, needs and production are so much spread across lands and seas in the whole world, usually at a great cost and potential. As

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Alzheimer the Demise of Consciousness, Happiness, and Memories

Alzheimer disease is a condition which usually causes memory loss and affects the thinking skills of a person due to death of the brain cells. It is one of the most of the common kind of dementia which usually happen when the plaques that contain bet

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Crypto Currency and Bitcoins | Future or Cyber Threat

Unstoppable digital currency is dashing through crypto, on bitcoin loaded sleigh. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges have stayed confined in a descending course for months, yet with merely a few weeks unto Christmas and bitcoin bulls are not ready

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CMR Surgical Ltd to give parallel competition to Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci with the launch of Versius

Today, the robotic surgery market is dominated by the Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci which is specially designed for gynecological, prostate and bladder surgery. With increasing number of surgical procedures worldwide, many prominent companies have al

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Impact of Budget 2020-2021

Budget is defined as a financial planning for a certain period of time, as it includes all the necessary things related to revenues, planned sales volume, cost and expenses, assets, cash flow statement and liabilities as well. Budget is all set to te

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Coronavirus, Epidemic Cause, Cure and Precautions

Corona virus the most recent virus belongs to the large family of virus which came into existence on 31st of December 2019 in Wuhan, China. This virus also known as zoonosis, the term defines an infectious disease caused due to the influence of bacte

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