IIT Guwahati develops efficient catalyst for transforming industrial waste into valuable chemicals

The process of catalyst is to convert large amount of industrial waste into acids. According to the team, tiny amount of these pincer catalyst repeatedly convert large amount of industrial waste such as glycerol into lactic acid and hydrogen. The pro

Electronic Skin is Wearable Cheap and Recyclable

Universities are now working on a great invention of all time by developing a wearable electronic device that will be a game changer future invention that will solve many problems. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are developing a we


Wind Energy as a Most Reliable Source of Energy

We must have studied in our intermediate or in times of our school that anything which moves have a kinetic energy so scientist turned this idea as a game changer in our environment. Engineers from different domains and scientist turn this wind energ

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WhatsApp message claiming corona vaccine has been launched in India fake

WhatsApp message claims that a coronavirus vaccine has been launched in India and people have to register for it by downloading a ‘Vaccine App.’ The fact checks wing of the Government’s Press Information Bureau has refuted such claims. There is no su

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Trends in Healthcare 2020: Get Ready for Digital Transformation

The future of healthcare is very bright and can be seen as digital health care solutions. Whenever technology is adopted healthcare is on back at line sometimes. However, this field holds a good chance to witness several and advance changes that need

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UGC release new guidelines for re-opening of universities and colleges

It is the time of great pandemic and country is suffering from heavy loss and the education system also gets very disturbed and it is not in a proper functioning these days. The college are running with the online classes and so many students are fac

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Uber, Swiggy and Ola may deposits 5 of their wage payment in social security fund

Draft rules have been published on Sunday by the labour ministry for functioning of provisions in the code of social security, 2020 which was passed and approved by government so that there should be a balance of money among every sector, it was done

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The First Indian to Ride a HyperLoop

Meet Tanay Manjerkar, the first Indian to ride a hyperloop. Officially it is announced that the first Indian has travelled in the hyperloop, this is purely a technology which can change the travelling method and creates a whole new experience of trav

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