How cannabis strength climbs over past half century

Studies from the past few years tell that street cannabis has become substantially a great harm to human health and it carries a lot of risk with it. The study was analyzed from past 50 years and there are recorded data that how much people are visit

Hard workout is so effective, what makes them

Researchers found that doing daily workout will help in increase number of years you live. The high magnitude training helps in making your heart very strong and active so that it always regulates blood properly. Regular exercise is useful for develo


Scientist restores biological clock to restore vision in old mice

The medical science is achieving great heights. New inventions and techniques are discovering every day and one of the great inventions is here. A team of scientist at Harvard Medical School has done research on aged eye cells in the retina to revers

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SBI mobile banking app is down for the third time in 30 days – digital services take hit for the 25th time this year

YONO SBI app is down once again and it is happening 3rd time this month. This is an era of digital payment and the consumers are so much dependent on it. The online payment mode is very much frequent these days and they are being used by most of the

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Oxford, AstraZeneca differ on how they found 90 effective vaccine dosing pattern

Oxford and AstraZeneca University have given conflicting accounts of how they came across the foremost effective dosing pattern for their covid-19 immunizing agent, a rare instance of public dissension between major establishments collaborating on a 

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iPhone 12 users are facing yet another issue: Here’s what has happened this time

iPhone users are in very large number and they always rely on iPhones because they like everything about their smart phones whether it is user interface, camera and software. It is very rare that user complain about any issues but if good things are

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3 former US presidents volunteer to take coronavirus vaccine publically

To gain the public trust is an art as well as a job of confidence because they never want to harm themselves or others by any normal individual speech or advice. Since taking the vaccine and trusting on it is quite difficult because they are not 100%

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Facebook content moderators demand safer working conditions

Some full time employees and a group of more than 200 moderators are demanding this big tech giant to stop risking the life of moderators needlessly. They wrote in an open letter to Facebook and the contractors of company that manage content moderato

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