Machines Could Soon be Able to Predict Human Behaviour

The ability to predict what other people might do next based on their body language comes naturally to humans, but that's not the same with machines. That is about to change as researchers in a study at Columbia University School of Engineering and A

Using Biometrics To Log in Securely Without Using Lengthy Passwords

There are many users who consider passwords as an extreme burden.  Remembering different passcodes could be difficult. Therefore WebAuthnan, an authentication protocol for the websites, could help us in that situation by rendering the passwords obsol


Scientists Trying to Study Long Term Behaviour of Brain

People often think about human behavior in terms of how they perceive things in a shorter time frame, such as what is happening in the present, which includes activities like reading a magazine or a newspaper, riding a bike, or playing baseball. But

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Scientists Developed a Program That Accurately Predicts a Person's Art Preference

A new study shows that there are many technologies that run on algorithms and machine learning, which could predict how our brain works. This study shows that how our brain process the image and how computers can predict what paintings people are goi

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Obesity is Higher in Men Suffering From Hearing Loss as Compared to Women

According to a new study published in the European Journal of Health, men who suffer from sensory loss, especially, hearing loss are more likely to be suffering from obesity and are less active as compared to women with the same sensory loss. The stu

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Music Helps Combat Mental Fatigue, Study Says

According to a survey, people who listen to music regularly while running has seen an increase in their performance without feeling mentally exhausted. Researchers found that the performance of runners who listened to a self-selected playlist after f

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More Sugar Intake in Children Leads to Obesity, Hyperactivity, And Cognitive Impairedness

According to research, sugar consumption in children has gradually increased in the past few years. Children who consume too much sugary food are at increased risk of being hyperactive, obese, and cognitively impaired when they reach adulthood. These

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Engaging Actively in Conversation with Adolescents Helps Them Open up Better

A new study has shown that attentive listening techniques such as maintaining eye contact, nodding, and using keywords to praise openness could really help teenagers when they admit their wrongdoing and share hurt feelings with their parents. Researc

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