Past Mental Illness and Its Future Consequences:

Illness makes a person weak from inside as well as outside due to which, he or she doesn’t lead a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle is something that completes an individual from every aspect. Mental disease can make an individual feel empty inside. Few s

New Way to Power Up Nanomaterials for Electronic Applications:

The consumption of energy is increasing very rapidly and people are depending upon the energy as most of the appliances run on energy and power. Material scientists have successfully discovered a jaw-dropping discovery that can be used by most indust


AI Reveals Drugs That May Help Combating Alzheimer Disease

Technology and healthcare go side by side and to extract the most out of healthcare by giving a relevant solution, technology is a must-try. Based on artificial intelligence there are a lot of things running on their own. The Decision-making process

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A Recipe for Regenerating the Lost Hair:

In today’s era, scientists are developing new theories which can be helpful for our society in terms of providing easy solutions to some problems. The invention rate has become very high with the growing technology and the growing number of people. U

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How the Brain Processes Sign Language ?

The brain is a pretty complex thing and there are lots of neurons, receptors and senders, receivers so there are multiple functions at a single time; hence, the work is pretty much dimensional to process. Many people are deaf and if you go to count t

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Scientist Claim to have Identified more than 140000 Virus Species in Human Gut:

Viruses are considered to be dangerous and harmful things that can decay the body of a human being quite severely. If you talk about the most numerous biological entities which are present on this planet then it must be viruses and these can be of th

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Scientists Have Blood Test Developed to Predict Environmental Harms to Children

For preventing childhood development disorders and illness in children, scientists have developed a method using a DNA biomarker. Nowadays children are suffering from harmful diseases and may have a problem from radiation, which may cause some disord

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Process of Acetaminophen - Understand How it works?

For a long time, researchers have been guessing a mechanism that is very much complex in nature. The mechanism process of acetaminophen has been a topic of mystery for a decade because multiple functions are happening at a single time and the structu

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