New Approach to Do away with Toxins from Waste Water

The New York State center for clean water technology at Stony Brook University has recently made some discoveries and it has thereby led to finding new approaches to achieve something great. Water is a necessity for every living creature on the globe

What is A Normal Body Temperature?

The usual temperature for an average adult is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius and it varies from person to person. Body temperature readings are normally dependent on the location where the temperature is being recorded from. A r


Digital Worlds Join Forces for Betterment

A panel of healthcare leaders recently discussed the idea of acquiring additional technology in the field of healthcare. They shared their thoughts on how to sustain advancement in technology, such as digitalization amid pandemics.  During lockdown a

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AI Framework Helps Serbia Reach One Million Vaccines

Many industries are expanding as a result of recent substantial growth in AI technology. Serbia had a laid-out plan of providing vaccines to its citizens where they have opted for a framework in which the mechanism is channelized by an organization.

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Emphasis on High Risk Science and Technology - U.K. New Research Agency

An announcement was made that the U.K. will build up a new research agency, which will mainly focus on high-risk science and technology. Our world has been emerging into “a world of new technologies” that are being discovered by the experts and the s

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Being Active Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer:

In the U.K., it is affirmed that prostate cancer is more common in men. Generally, men take more stress compared to females; however, this cannot be the only cause, there might be other factors that cause this disease. According to various studies, p

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Cost Savings through Automating High Level Healthcare Tasks

A world full of advanced technologies comes with multiple challenges and consequences, and the healthcare industries are now developing new techniques and machinery through which they can find every possible solution for the betterment of patients an

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This Robot Brings Reality to Your Virtual Environment:

First time in history, a virtual telepresence robot has been created by researchers using the utmost advanced technology and they are only graduate-level students of the VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Kanuru, India. This virtual robot with its un

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