How RNA Editing Acts In Favor of Immune System:

Diseases are rapidly increasing globally and people are suffering a lot because of their deteriorating health. According to a survey it has been seen that most people go into depression when they are suffering from a long-lasting disease. Researchers

Google Cloud On Rescue Mission by Easing the Vaccine Distribution Process:

Collaboration is considered one of the most effective ways for growing a business. It helps to understand the ideas of different minds so that a better outcome is achieved. The technology-driven world introduced us to advanced machines and software t


Irregular sleep Connects You With Depression:

Sleep is necessary to increase your concentration level. But if you are not having proper sleep you will be suffering from numerous diseases and problems. Irregular sleep patterns can highly affect mood and there is a lot of risk of developing sympto

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A robot’s hearing aid, ‘dead locust’s ear’:

Researchers at Tel Aviv University conducted research on robots and they were able to install some exterior parts of a human body. The researchers have successfully connected the ear of a dead locust to a robot that can receive the ear’s electrical s

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Effective Communication Means Effective Patient Care

An advanced communication system is beneficial for industries to extract their maximum output and give it to the desired patient according to their necessity. It was noticed that the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital invested in an advanced communic

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Climate Change and Financial Responsibilities

These days it is being seen that Federal Reserve and the Treasuries are two organizations that are becoming more focused on climate change and the factors affecting such climate change. The changes in financial institution affect various things like

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Achieving Gender Equity in Financial Services

In the recent past, the women workforce or leaders have increased especially in financial services because of their potential, hard work, and thought process. To achieve gender equity more such progress is needed. The percentage of women working in f

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Trends in Health Tech Investments:

The response due to COVID-19 acquaints about the drastic change in the health care sector where health tech innovators play a key role in the industry by providing the latest technologies to assist a patient with utmost care. Moving forward, there is

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