What is the Origin of Creativity?

As we know our brain is complex with many strings and structures connected and there are millions of neurons in it. The way we think and the way we perform an activity are very much dependent on this. Nowadays a lot of advanced technologies are evolv

U.K. Hospitals and The Modernized Communication:

Communication helps to make a good relationship among industries. Let us make ourselves very clear by a simple example if a patient visits a doctor then he must ask about his problems and if the patient is unable to describe his problem then it is sa


How Fast is the Universe Expanding?

Astronomers are constantly finding a change in the universe and the expansion rate is increasing day by day. Among the methods astronomers have successfully found to measure the expansion rate, they have all their desired tools and these are high-end

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Blood Tests Can Detect Acute Liver Disease

In the field of nanomedicine, chemists have been investigating different innovations which have been greatly helpful for individuals and industries. The investigation of nanoparticles had been started for many years. Gold nanoparticles have very good

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AI Can Help in Building 3D Holograms:

A new era of technology is yet to come and researchers are finding every possible way to give the best solution to the world through these technologies. These technologies help most individuals to achieve what they want and when there is no hope for

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Using Science to Communicate with Plants:

As we know plants, have a life, and they breathe as we breathe. A whole amount of oxygen is generated by plants and hence they are the most useful resource present in our environment. Every day some new technologies are coming up and we are relying o

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Silkworm Silk Build Skeletal Muscles:

To grow skeletal muscles, scientists are using silkworm silk. The cell culture has been enhanced and hopefully, it will lead to a better solution and treatment for muscle atrophy. This discovery was made possible by researchers from Utah University.

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Quantum Technology Speeds Up The Learning Process Of Robots:

Robots are considered as the future of technology as they can make our work easier and more efficient if used in the right dimension that is, where they will not generate any harm to mankind. Artificial technology is growing and being widely accepted

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