A Gene For Jumping in Rabbits, Found:

According to a new study, it is found out that some animals require a special type of genes to perform a particular function in their body. Experiments were performed to discover these things and it was performed with a rare type of rabbit that is no

Wisdom Loneliness and Biology:

Scientists have taken one step further by making the connection between wisdom, loneliness, and biology to the next level. It is reported that wisdom and loneliness appear to be influenced by microbial diversity of the gut globally. The evolving scie


A Protein That Helps Carnivorous Plants to Trap Their Prey:

It is being observed that the brush of an insect wing acts as a major tool in capturing its prey and it is predicted that some insects are much harmful that they will lead you to death. It is said by our elder ones that we should avoid holding insect

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Ultra-Sensitive Flow Meters:

A team of scientists has recently developed a brand new technique and they have successfully developed the thinnest and most sensitive flow sensors which could have significant implications for medical research and applications. There are lots of new

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Photosynthesis is Old but Still Valuable as Gold:

Photosynthesis, which changes daylight into energy, can come in two structures: one that produces oxygen, and one that doesn't. The oxygen-delivering structure is normally expected to have advanced later, especially with the rise of cyanobacteria, or

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Novel Thermometer can Accelerate Quantum Computer Development:

What if you are told that there is a thermometer that can calculate temperature with quantum calculations and that too, accurately. You will be surprised to know that this is now possible because of researchers. This thermometer can measure variation

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New Global Wind Atlas Leads to Development of Sustainable Energy

Wind energy is considered one of the most cost-efficient and reliable sources and through it, a lot of energy can be generated and distributed to a large number of people and by installing it, we can also save energy and manpower. As we know that our

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Injection or NIR Laser as a Drug Delivery System?:

Sometimes people have a strong fear of needles and to overcome this fear problem, researchers have invented a unique and smart way for delivering a drug. It was discovered by the Pohang University of Science and Technology. Now researchers and a team

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