Semiconductor and Automobile Industries Are Interrelated:

Due to the emergence of the supply chain, the semiconductor industries are finding it difficult to meet the challenges of production and discoveries. This challenging task can be actively mitigated with effective technology based on better processing

Jumping Genes Can Help Fight Against Blood Cancer:

A new study was originated that informs regarding the jumping genes which are considered as a source of a genetic mutation and are certainly responsible for several human diseases. Human disease can have uncertain, long-lasting effects. The role of t


Bikano Aims to be at Top of Packaging Industries:

The leading packaging industry, namely, Bikano is booming the market at a very fast growth rate. The brand is very versatile and it said that it is aiming to achieve more heights. It aims to grow twofold, that is till Rs 2500 crore in the coming thre

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Addiction is Harmful, Especially Internet

In the technology-driven world, we humans rely heavily on the internet because it is a reliable source of information that is almost accurate and leads us to a particular solution. In the past years, people used to communicate with their loved ones t

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Teeth Sensitivity and Remedy:

In teeth, there is a molecular cold sensor that highly activates when our teeth come in contact with anything cold. This causes a problem of toothache which can be very harmful and painful as well which gets annoying sometimes. An ion channel called

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Noticeable Changes in Brain Activities During Initial Learning Phase of New Language:

The brain is the most complex in structure and it is extremely strong. Due to this, sometimes receptors and senders don’t act appropriately and sometimes they respond to stimulus very quickly. When a brain scan is done, some results are highly distur

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Hypnosis, A Way To Manipulate The Mind:

The process in our brain is complex and during hypnosis, it is found that some functions are altered in our brain. A new study successfully showcased it and they were able to show the way that our brain process information is fundamental and the proc

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Glial Cells, A Defense Wall:

Whenever there is an injury or infection caused in the brain, then a brain cell performs a crucial role that surrounds the affected area that acts as a defensive wall. These cells are known as glial cells and their only work is to preserve the brain-

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