Alternative of Electrodes to Study the Human Brain:

Our brain is considered as one of the most complex structures in our body and it has millions of connections through which we can establish communication, movements, thoughts and other things. Many a point of time, the brain performs different functi

Water Purification System Originated by Using Hydrogels:

Recently researchers have developed a few ways through which water purification can be easily done, just in a few steps. Removing heavy metal is a very challenging task and so researchers have developed an eco-friendlier way and through this, pure wa


Denmark Introduces a COVID-19 Passport:

A modern problem needs a modern solution and hence, government and political leaders are now developing a new kind of passport, namely, Coronapas to travel from one country to another and it will carry all your health-related data. The pandemic hit u

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Role of Mitochondria in Bird Flight:

Researchers have discovered that the blood of birds gets warmer in winter when the temperature around them is colder. The climate for birds should be maintained in a way that it doesn’t affect their body with time and weather because they have to fli

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Jackfruit as A Meat Alternative:

Meat consumption is high worldwide where humans are consuming meat in all their meals that is lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Though, people are trying to transform their lifestyle such as by going vegan or finding alternatives for meat. Jackfruit is c

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Import, Export and The Law of Demand for Oil Suppliers:

Iran is a potential supplier of oil and it is expanding its supply day by day. The process of oil mining is tedious but Iran is always trying to update the process of mining through different techniques and by deploying more skilled laborers, workers

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High Commodity Prices Poses Challenge to Consumer and Producer:

Inflation is an evergreen problem and as the prices are rising, citizens are facing difficulties in living even their budgeted lifestyles. Kimberly Clark recently raised prices on most of the frequently used products and these products are used by ma

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Food Delivery Firms Facing Fluctuations in Business Growth:

It is being viewed that Europe’s food delivery firms are losing their grip due to price fluctuations. Talking about statistics, ‘Just Eat’ takeaway and ‘Ocado’ performed very badly at the London Stock Exchange which is clear proof that food delivery

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