Late Night Binging Might Affect Your Work-Performance:

According to a new study it has been found that people are very much into unhealthy eating habits. Unhealthy eating behavior can bring irregularity your mind and make your thought process less effective. These bad habits at night make people less hel

Higher Screen Time Can Change Visual Perception:

Amid Coronavirus, we are leading a new normal lifestyle. It is undoubtedly true that most of the individuals have shifted their interactions from offline to online and hence the screen time of individuals has gradually increased.  This makes human me


Influenza and The NETs Releases:

It can be seen that the formation of NETs is done by a certain function and process and the activation of neutrophils is done by a mechanism, and that mechanism is due to a dead cell called NETossis, and the NETs releases chromatin fibers that are to

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Genetic After Effects of Chernobyl Disaster:

Radiation is one of the many factors through which a natural calamity takes place. This brings in heavy losses, which can be in the form of life of an individual or economy of the region. Due to the losses from this natural calamity, people won’t be

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Framework of Global Technical Company and Digital Services Tax:

When digital technology gets much advanced day by day geography would matter less and hence you will be able to save a good amount of money which can be used for another purpose. As cities remain hubs for commerce and community, the above mentioned p

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Fossil Analysis Unlock Mystery of Human Evolution:

A study took place at the University of Southern California where researchers have successfully examined the fossil of little foot which is known as Australopithecus that is believed to be lived more than 3 million years ago. Fossil fuels generally t

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Fast Food Brings Obesity:

Since dining out is not a bad practice as some restaurants serve really good food along with high-quality, still the dietary quality for meals away from home especially talking about fast food chains is much lower compared with meals which are cooked

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Coffee Pulp Leads to Re-forestation:

Researchers from ETH- Zurich and the University of Hawaii spread 30 dump truck loads of coffee pulp on a 35m * 40 m area of degraded land in Costa Rica and captured out a same sized of area which had no coffee pulp as a control area. After observing

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