A New Algorithm To Make The IT Sector More Energy Efficient

Danish researchers have developed a new algorithm that could permanently reduce the resource consumption of the world's computer servers. Computer servers are as taxing on the climate as global air traffic combined. Therefore the green transition in

Scientists Tried to Study Exoskeletons of Beetle for the First Time

The beetles are creatures with built-in body armor which provides protection to them from other species and adverse weather conditions. They are like small tanks covered with hard shells called exoskeleton that protects their soft bodies as they don'


Robinhood Traders Finally Files To Go Public On Stock Exchange

Robinhood, a high-flying online investment service, has officially announced to have paperwork filed to take the company public. The company is very much popular among young investors and traders. It has shown immense growth even in times of pandemic

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Pinterest Became the First Online Platform To Ban Weight Loss Ads

We live in a world where the advertisement has a lot of influence over people's minds, and they just believe what is being shown to them. It has some good effects as well as some bad effects. Pinterest, a popular online bulletin board, had recently b

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Migraine Patients have Hyper Active Visual Cortex

There are many individuals who are suffering the brain complications such as migraine, and the problem is increasing very rapidly, and so the health index of many regions is becoming low. According to new research, individuals who suffer from migrain

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Global Tax Reforms Comes a Step Closer as Backed by 130 Countries

A total of 130 countries have mutually agreed on a global agreement of tax reform, ensuring that multinationals have to pay their fair share wherever they are operating. Some E.U. states refused to sign up. Once the deal is implemented, many global c

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Fully Transparent Solar Cells Could Soon Be a Reality

Solar energy is renewable source of energy which is now being increasingly used in homes, offices and industries. Researchers at Penn State University have developed a semitransparent perovskite solar cell that is highly efficient in nature. Interest

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Electronic Devices Failure Could Soon be Reduced Thanks to the New Study

Researchers at CU Boulder have taken a major step forwarding in combining advanced computer simulations with artificial intelligence to try to predict and detect failures in electronics such as transistor failure in cellphones.This research was led b

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